Apple ditching Intel?

August 11, 2011

Rumors are circulating that Apple is contemplating ditching Intel for ARM. Interesting that Intel is giving money to manufacturers to help them develop Macbook Air competitors. Why would they do that if Intel is inside every Macbook Air?

To me, its clear that Apple has been moving towards making Mac OS X run on touch based tablets since Snow Leopard.
I’m thinking this fall might be the announce. Cook said they were working on a major new launch this quarter. I’m surprised there’s been so little writing about it.

I predict another device that splits the difference between a Macbook Air and an iPad. I’m thinking a 10-11″ touch screen likely with an optional keyboard, running Lion but via a touch interface.

It might be an ARM processor. Maybe it would run iOS, iphone/iPad apps in some sort of compatability mode, or Mac apps recompiled in XCode to be Intel/ARM…. Universal apps, like they used to be, except not powerpc/intel but ARM/Intel.

Anyone disagree?